I attended a rural church service a couple of weeks ago in Mozambique and it was an interesting. I come from church where I play percussion and in our church we have 2 500 people attending service on a Sunday morning, air conditioning with comfortable seating and a huge band and choir with a an amazing sound system.

So here I am in a church with 7 Men, 7 Women and about 30 kids dancing and worship with in a newly made pole and straw roofed sanctuary, with clear Mother Nature air con, no sound system and seating in benches and plastic chairs for us because we were guest, the women were seating on the ground on straw mats plus an African drum stick and shakers made from old metal cans.

So in my eyes are 15 older people and a group of children singing, dancing, and ululating with huge smiles on their faces. A dust rising as they danced and sung to a drum and the metal shakers playing. When they started praying you can hear gratitude they had to God regardless of the few things they have.

 I started to think of what I have been praying for the last couple of weeks especially after my computer crashed and my external drive stolen. It got me thinking and seeing all this, so I got these few lessons

1.       Gratitude

We are so blessed with what we have and it’s amazing the things that we see in our lives and I in particular always put up prayer request for a lot of things but very few times do I show gratitude and thanksgiving to God for what I already have. "And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing". Psalms 107:22


2.       Joy and Gladness

The pastor of that church that week, his wife had just had an operation because she couldn’t give birth to their child in the natural way and she had to have an operation and didn’t attend the service because she wasn’t well. The joy and gladness that the Pastor had in serving the Lord and doing his duties was amazing.


3.       Simplicity

So many times we complicate God in so many ways and then we try to figure him out, just like someone said we look at God like a problem and we try to solve him. God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow and lest not try to complicate him


They had had very few instruments and had few things to work with but what they did with what they had was amazing. At times we wait until we have everything in place for us to move. Its simple start with what we have even the few things and when we are faithful with those God grants us more.


4.       Humility

Being humble really opens up a lot of doors, sometimes pride grows within and the I know it syndrome kills a lot of things. There was a guy who was leading prayer and worship as well. Humble people you can really connect up with their hearts and spirits. There is a fountain that was oozes out of a humble person whether he or she is singing or praying all you can see is the grace bestowed upon them that allows them quick access into the heavens.


These are the few things that were just stood out for me as we worshipped with this church and I saw that as a person there are so many things as a worshipper leading worship I tend to forget such things.


May God help us all to do his will and glorify his name forever more


"Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"

Kelvin Mutize

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