Worship! Is It an Alabaster Flask or a Rose

Worship is an amazing place to live in it is a
different world to the
world we live in, it is because worship allows us to get more and more
like God when we spend more time with him. It allows us to know God
more. So today the question that I pose is Worship more like an
alabaster flask or a rose think about it!

An alabaster flask is a clay jar that was used to carry oil or perfume
but this alabaster flask was crafted by the best craftsmen it was very
expensive to buy and so they also started to carry expensive oil or
perfume in it.

A harlot in the bible came with this alabaster flask before Jesus and
poured it on Jesus feet and Judas was not impressed with it. There was
only one way to open the alabaster flask it was by breaking the top or
the lead and then it would be kept like that. This alabaster flask was
very expensive the bible records it to be a year’s earning that were
used to buy a jar.

A Rose is the most beautiful and scented flower on earth. They smell
nice when they are fresh but I know that they smell way nicer and
better when they are dried. The dried rose petals are stronger in
scent than fresh rose petals.

So were am I going with this whole alabaster flask and rose issue, as
you been reading both are
• very expensive
• very delicate – written handle with care
• scent gets stronger with time
• you have to break them for the scent to be stronger

I take and say that our hearts are very expensive even a heart
transplant surgery is very expensive just as our hearts are. They are
also very delicate and we treat our hearts with care and love, they
are so precious and an important part of life.

Our hearts grow stronger and better with time if they are nicely taken
care of .Then we come to the fact that a rose’s scent grows stronger
when a roses is dried up and you can strongly smell the oil or perfume
in an alabaster flask when you have broken the seal of the jar

Our hearts are just like that alabaster flask and that rose and the
same thing with our hearts we need to dry our hearts, die to
ourselves, die daily, die to God and also need to break the seal and
the lid of our hearts so that when we stand to worship our the scent
of our brokenness and dried upness. Remember roses smell nicer and
stronger when dried up, the only way to smell the strong perfume in an
alabaster flask is by breaking the seal and the lid, so is it with our

Living the life of brokenness, living the life of being thirsty and
dry for God, is what make a worshipper weaker or stronger or
effective. Living a life where we are just sold out for God alone and
him alone.

Worship is that which overflows from a broken and a contrite heart,
that is indeed a life of an alabaster flask and a rose.

"Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"

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