Think about how do you worship a great and mighty God with such prejudice and ignorance and still expect God to bless you. Worship is indeed dangerous business when offered done wrongly.


God has set principles and laws that even He can not break whatever happens, God bless good and when you do wrong, you are forgiven by God but He will allow you to face the consequences of your action. We can’t just do what we feel like and worship him with such pretentious hearts, foul motives, believing we have the right attitude and still expect God to bless us.


“And Nadab and Abihu died before the Lord when they offered strange fire before the Lord in the wilderness of Sinai”, Number 3:4 (KJV). Look at it this way these were sons of Aaron, the priest of the highest order at this time but they died before the presence of God because they offered strange worship, either they offered out of ignorance, out of knowing, out of testing God but still they died because they ministered to God the wrong way.


It did not even matter that they were the sons of Aaron but what they did they faced the consequence, my question is now what makes you think you are okay with what you do and then still come before God with such a heart and mind.


They thought they God was blessed and pleased with such, just like today, when we stand to bless God and we don’t offer worship in the right manner we incur curse and judgments. You would have violated a kingdom principle and you will have to suffer the consequences whether be it a curse, a judgment or bad consequences. Worship is one of the greatest privileges given to mankind but when applied wrongly it destroys or hurts the offerer.


Just like a car when driven the right way it’s a blessing to everyone but when wrongly driven it destroys. It’s like giving your person a very sharp knife to play with, if they do not know how to use the knife they might end up dead or with a big scar because they didn’t understand its use and how to apply it to work. Don’t be fooled worship is dangerous business when offered wrongly with the wrong motives and heart


 “For God is the King of All the earth sing ye praises with understanding”, Psalms 47:7. Take time learn what worship

is and also how do you worship God, understand what it is you do. With understanding and revelation of it, stand before his presence without fear and worship Him in the acceptable manner allowing not strange sacrifices and fires to come out of you. Worship is indeed dangerous business is done wrongly, God blesses always he want us to enjoy his presence and love him more.


Worship him In The Splendour Of Holiness 

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