Though worship is a command and we were created to worship, I believe that worship is a privilege to mankind as we tend to receive more in worship because man is more blessed by just worshipping God.

“Being blessed is a by product of worship not a motivation to worship”

“Worship is our giving to God not our getting from God”

“Worship is an invitation from God and a blessing to us a great privilege to man”

Philippians 3:3 says “For we are the true circumcision who worship in Spirit (worship God by his spirit) and glory in Christ putting no confidence in flesh”. We worship with the Help of Christ according to the verse
of Philippians we worship through the Help of Christ.

Romans 8:26 says also “Likewise the Spirit also helps us in our infirmities for we do not know how to worship (pray) but the Holy Spirit itself makes intercession for us…” God here teaches us that the Holy Spirit
helps us in our worship, when we lift up our hands and standing to worship Him
the Holy Spirit stands with us and helps us worship.

Worship is a priviledge to us and a blessing to us because we worship God with the help of Christ blessing and the Holy Spirit placing intercession for us as we worship. What more do we need we have more to loose
when we do not worship God as God receives perfect worship in heaven but he
desires worship from mankind to worship because it’s a place were God meets us and
just loves on us.

God does not want us to enjoy worship God wants us to enjoy Him and His presence. Worship is just a vehicle that is meant to carry us get us to a destination that is the
presence of God. It is our blessing that we can stand and just worship God with
all this help and that God created worship so that He could commune with us.

Worship is the priviledge that man has been given to man, we are blessed more when we worship God. Someone said this at a conference, the best worship we can give to God can not be matched with heavenly worship but
still God highly honours worship from mankind because it comes from the mouth
of his children.

Worship is a blessing more to our lives more than anything

“Worship Him in the Beauty of His Holiness’

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