Worship From An Alabaster Flask Part 1

Worship From An Alabaster Flask Part 1



Alabaster Flask Worship is worship from deep within the recess of the Spirit, it’s not for show off but the glorification of God. It is an overflow from within a heart that is pouring itself before God.


There two accounts of women breaking alabaster flask of costly ointment onto Jesus. The first one is the account of Luke which happened at the start of Jesus’ ministry and the other account was 2 days before Jesus was crucified in a village called Bethany in the house of Simon the Leper.


Today we start our story in Luke 7: 36-50 where Jesus is just starting ministry and this account of Mark puts Jesus in the house of Simon the Pharisee.


A woman who is considered to be a prostitute this is seen in the way they labeled her to Jesus and this woman burst into the room full of Pharisees and Jesus disciples who are reclining at the table eating and she had with her an alabaster box of ointment.


She came to Jesus and worshipped him without words


  1. She broke the bottle: the only way to open the flask in those days was to break it open. As she broke the flask she showed the brokenness in her life and her desire to be broken for the Lord.



  1. Stood at his feet behind him weeping, When they sat to eat they would put their heads and top body towards the table and the legs away from the table. Weeping is an outward manifestation of the condition of the heart. There are so many reasons why she was crying before the Lord



  1. Wash his feet with tears, washing of feet was important in the Jewish culture, if one was a guest and was invited into the house, the house master would either wash your feet or set water for you. It showed hospitality, another question is which parts of the body did Jesus wash his disciples (the feet). Why the feet, why the washing of the feet, Jesus said that if I do not wash your feet you do not have a part in me. This woman washed the feet of Jesus she gathered a part of Christ at the table.


  1. Wipe them with the hairs of her head, a woman’s hair was her beauty and to use that which you called my beauty and use it to minister to God. Minister out of the beauty in your life, when you do such you are ministering to God’s heart. Worship with everything, she was abandoning all she had, costly ointment and the most important thing in her life her beauty for Jesus.


  1. Kissed his feet -- this showed homage, humility, giving honour; it’s a sign to show that you honour the person. The kiss was used in ancient times as the emblem of love, religious reverence, subjection, and supplication. It has the meaning of supplication, in the way of adoration, accompanied with subjection…. Judas betrayed Jesus with a what? She was abandoning her whole life before the Lord.


  1. Anointed them with the ointment- an alabaster box of very precious ointment or alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious (a years wages). Worship has a cost to it, following Jesus has a price and this woman choose to spend her year’s wages to minister to Jesus. What does your worship cost


They say the things we do on the outside are a true reflection of what is within our hearts. This means that this woman had washed Jesus feet, anointed them, wet his feet with her tears many times before in her heart within her house before she was able to do upon His feet. Your worship is a true reflection of the condition of your heart.


I truly believe that this woman had thought about doing this act in her life, she thought about the shame that it could bring her, she thought through it before and (when she knew that Jesus sat at) she seized the opportunity and she ran. She wasn’t worried about people’s reaction all she desired was to glorify Jesus. She wasn’t qualified to worship but God qualified her


She did a significant thing in the bible as she anointed Jesus ministry placing and validating it with honour, brokenness, beauty and affection in it. She did an extraordinary thing and if a sinner can bring such worship before God what kind of worship are we to bring, us the saved ones who are called of the Lord.


I pray that God opens our eyes to know how to worship Him as he is meant to be worshipped to bring brokenness, humility, honour and beauty into his presence and at his feet all the days of our lives.


"Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"

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