Worship Escorts "leaders" ;Be Holy as Christ is Holy,Keep your guard up at all times ,stay in Communion with DADDY,wait on Him and listen,stay broken, stay in the WORD and yield, yield ,yield.

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Comment by Mark J Rieger on June 27, 2009 at 7:24pm
Worship escorts! Now there's neat phrase. I like it, I like it alot.

For years now I have felt that there were some paradigms that needed breaking in both our churches and our worship teams. One of the biggest ones was the very fact that we are called worship leaders. I am very uncomfortable with that term because it indicates that I have a responsibility to make sure something happens. I'm not entirely sure that that concept is correct. I don't have a responsibility to make something happen. I don't have a responsibility to pull people along or blaze a trail out there ahead of them so they can follow.

I prefer the term "Lead Worshippers" This I think is a more apt description of our jobs like woship escorts. My responsibility is to prepare both myself and my team. Prepare them musically, prepare them spiritually, fast and pray with them and work to build them up into the fullness of their own particular calling. Most importantly I must worship the Lord and him only. I must make my praise vertical. I must model in my own life and my own worship a relationship with him that qualifies me to stand before his people because in truth, there is absolutely nothing that I have that they need, only what God can do through a broken empty vessel.

In western culture there is this connotation associated with the word "leader" which includes placing responsibility for the success and failure of something upon them. This is not an appropriate way of viewing our worship teams or our lead worshippers. Each and every part of the body must be trained up to bring their own particular supply. Only as the congregation learns to worship God themselves will the church arise. I can provide my best and should, but ultimately God pouring through me is the thing I can work to provide.
Comment by Paul Gamboa on June 29, 2009 at 4:20pm
Good stuff! Amen and Amen


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