“When it comes to being broken before the Lord, which is best: asking the Lord to break us or breaking ourselves before the Lord. Do we either ask God to break us or we choose to break us?


“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite (smitten, broken in pieces) heart, O God, thou wilt not despise”, Psalms 51:17.  Brokenness is a state of being living a smitten or shattered life and when you look at all the references of brokenness in the bible you will find out that God speaks of a brokenness of heart and also speaks of brokenness of the Spirit.  A lifestyle where your heart and mind are in awe or God and then we break our bodies through fasting and praying where your will is no longer that which rules but the will of God is supreme.

“The LORD is near unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit”, Psalms 34:18. This verse also says that the Lord is near the broken hearted, ready to hear and assist them in whatever they need to do. God tends to lean to those who are broken hearted it doesn’t mean that He does not look at other qualities but he is pleased with the broken hearted.

Brokenness comes into play in both places we cannot just wait for God to break us we need to also start working on our own selves. Just as we accepted Jesus we have to also choose to walk the path of brokenness it’s not that you wake up one day broken it’s a journey which you need to decide before you take. It’s a journey that you decide to embark and you get through several challenges but the ultimate goal is that our will no longer remains and we become God’s a part will.

God does not steer a docked ship or parked car, God steers and directs a moving sheep or car. As worshipper we need to come up to Jesus just like Mary the sister of Lazarus who brought her costly alabaster flask before Jesus and that signified her brokenness. She obviously thought about it and reserved the oil and made a conscious decision to pour it all on Jesus.


We also have to act on our own brokenness, pray that God breaks us and then we start working on us so that when God starts the breaking we are ready. We have separate ourselves and ready our lives by starting to break the things we are able to.

We also need to start breaking habits, attitudes and lifestyles that we have in our lives. We pray and we start working on our hearts and minds to align them to the breaking of God. Pst Tom Deuschle always speaks of taking initiative when the God isn’t moving it means that we need to take the initiative and courage to step out on the road and believe that as we walk God will direct our steps. God directs only that which moves not that which is stagnant. We are not aiding God but we are doing our part to see our lives moving forward. Don’t wait for God to answer to start working, if you have asked God to break you, then start removing aspects of your life relationships, attitudes, habits which you know do not confine to brokenness or a separated life.

Just like consecration or holiness we cannot attain these qualities by on our own abilities so is it   with the issue of brokenness. We should choose and ask the Lord to break us and whilst he does breaking, we do our small part by leaving away those things which will not confine with brokenness or which will not work with our separation.

In conclusion the question we leave with these questions, “when we say let us break ourselves what are we going to do, will it match that which God will do and if we break ourselves will we come to the standard that God breaks us for his ministry?”

Think about it?

 “Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; Worship The LORD In The Beauty Of Holiness”, Psalms 29:2 


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