As the title suggests, this is a question we should all ask ourselves from time to time. Why am I here? Now, the direction you take this question has multiple different possibilities. Why am I here on this planet, in this town, in this relationship, in this church? These are all valid questions but the one I am most interested in is, why are you here in this service? Why do you come to church on Sunday morning? What makes you continue coming back?

I have the opportunity to be with our youth group a couple times a week and one of the questions that I ask them on a regular basis is, why are you here? I never ask for an audible answer--it’s a question to get them thinking about the real reason that they are in our youth group. I do however pose some hypothetical possibilities. Are you here for a girl? Are you here for a boy? Are you here because someone makes you come, your parents, your friend dragged you here or are you here because you really want to be here? Do you come to gain a better understanding of God’s word, to further your understanding of Him and to spend time worshiping Him? I hope they come for a better understanding of who God is through his Word and come to a relationship with Jesus, however the question is not meant to be answered out loud and so I can only guess why the youth continue to return each week.

This brings us back to Sunday morning. Why are you here? Why do you come to our Sunday morning service? I would like to think that you come because you have a desire to worship the Lord, to come to a better understanding of Him through the study of His word, and to build a better relationship with Him. However, I am led to believe that most of us are there because, that’s what we do on Sunday morning, go to church. We have always gone to church on Sunday morning and that’s what we will continue to do. Just grind it out even if we don’t like the music or are bored with the sermon, it’s just what we do.

Unfortunately we sometimes have this desire to just get by, to go through the motions and get our Jesus fix for the week then continue on with our daily life. We come to church for what we can get out of it and not what we can give. We forget that it’s not about us. We have been called to more than that. Jesus said in Matthew 16:24 that if anyone is to come after Him, we are to deny himself and take up his cross and follow Him. We live in a self centered, narcissistic world. It is all about us but the fact is, it’s not. It’s about Jesus. It’s about serving Him and wanting to worship Him. To live our lives in such a way that people see Him before they see us, that there is something different about us that is attractive and desirable.

We gather together to worship Jesus as a body. We come together to encourage each other in our walk and to help each other when we need it. We go deeper by getting involved and using the talents that God has given us. So the Question, Why are you here, is hopefully answered by, I am here to worship the Lord; to come to a better understanding of him and to help others in their walk.

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