Many native peoples have been lied to for generations by their own kind. It is time for the truths to be revealed to all indigenous peoples. I may not be able to help everyone, but I know I am called to uncover the hidden things of my people, the Hawaiians.

I believe that many, if not all, indigenous peoples have had their ancestors lie or mislead them into believing in religious and cultural ceremonies, or practices and beliefs, in order to have power and control over them.

Such are the Hawaiians. The whole pagan practices of gods and goddesses as well as the monarchy where we had the Maka'ainana who got nothing and the Ali'i who got all...........This came from the man Pa'ao who came and killed our priests and used much of our true history and warp it into a pagan religion and way of life , or culture.

One example of this would be the stories of the Menehune. The Hawaiian small people. They say that the Menehune were very small and magical because the stone work that has been found related to them are made of stones too large for a mann to carry and place. That the structures are impossible to stand for centuries.That because you cannot fit a razor blade between the stones and there is no plaster, mud, cement, ect., that they must be magic.

Enter the meaning of Menehune = "The clan from Mene"

Experts(duh!) say there is no such place, so the name itself is misspelled or mis-pronounced, supposed to be "mana Une" meaning small power.

Well, I don't claim to be an expert, but it is true that Mene is the ancient name of Egypt. The King or Emporer at that time was by the name of Menes.

Oh, and by the way, I and my family and ancestors are Menehune. Not Kanaka Maoli, as some are trying to claim that all Hawaiians are Kanaka Maoli. Some are and some aren't. Many are Menehune, and because of hidden truths, loss of language, and erroneous information, they don't even know it. Worse yet, many don't care!

There is so much to share. I will post more as time permits. May you all want to know truth and who you are!

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Comment by Diana Jurss on December 16, 2010 at 2:51am

I am a bit familiar with the native traditions and beliefs of the Cherokee people because of where

I live. As a people they have been oppressed and "relocated" (The Trail of Tears) in the past

century. But I think most indigenous tribes in many countries have suffered the same atrocities.

I suppose just about every single country in the world has been robbed from somebody, and

thereby had their culture altered as well.


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