What you fear is what you worship.


It's kinda odd having this statement. I saw this post retweeted by Joel Houston on twitter and it makes sense... it really makes sense... then here I am making a blog about it.


What are the things that frightens you? what are the situations that insinuates fear in your life?


The conundrum that you might be having in this statement is... how does fear can be connected to worship?


Most people when they hear the word fear, for them it simply means that there is something to be afraid of or to expect something worst.


Worship on the other hand is simply exalting, glorifying, praising, giving thanks to God.


Its very interesting that what we fear is the same thing on what we worship.


There are different kinds of fear, we have fear of snakes, dogs, insects, darkness, evil, etc...


But there's one thing that we as God's sons and daughters always misses. The bible tells us to remain only fearful to God, it also tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, another verse says may those who fear God, praise the Lord... to sum it all, its all about fearing God.


So does it mean we need to fear God because something worst will be given to us cause by Him...


a big "NO!"


you see, another definition of fear would be 'a reverential awe'


The bible wants us to be in reverence with God when we have this relationship thingy with Him.


God wants us to fear Him because God wants us to worship Him. ONLY to Him. and its simple as that.


God wants us to fear Him. God wants us to worship Him.


When we fear God, we also worship God.


The fear of the Lord doesn't make us weak but rather the fear of the Lord gives us wisdom, security, protection, healing, power, forgiveness,the right to live in His kingdom, the authority to shun evil, and the most important of all, it enables us to worship Him in spirit and in truth.


We are afraid to God because we respect Him, we love Him, we are His servants and He is our master.


I guess there is no need to explain further about this, its either you focus your fear to other things or you focus your fear only to God... If you believe God is the master and the creator of heaven and earth, then there's no way for you to be afraid of all the things in the earth. We just need to remember that we live in this world but not of this world.


We live for God.


So the next time you have this fear, always think, what you fear is what you worship.


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Comment by Benjamin Sealey on October 21, 2011 at 2:12pm
Good post - I got a lot out of this


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