This week’s post is based on a song sung by Travis Greene on his album “Stretching Out” called “All the Glory” for days I listened to no other song only this specific song. I know it the song and also the lyrics they explained a lot of things about worship and I know it will reveal a lot to you as well, study them and I know you will get learn truth about Worship as well.


Verse 1

These hands were made to stretch for you

This heart you gave me is in love with you

My mouth was made to sing for you

So I am going to sing to you a new song

These feet were made to chase after you

This mind you gave me is in awe in you

My life was made to live for you

So I will live for you



My worship is pure it belongs to you Lord

You are the One I adore

Your love is to die for

So I will worship



With my hands lifted

Eye to the sky

And my mouth shouting loud

Open up wide


Verse 2

These ears were made to hear yr voice

Freewill you gave me but I have no choice

You have made me glad so I will rejoice

Yes I will rejoice in you

Tears were made to wash your Feet

The spirit within makes me complete

Your Glory surrounds and flesh become

And I fall to my knees

In Worship



We lift our voice to you and cry out

Hallelujah, Glory to You

All the glory belongs

To you


Verse 3

These eyes were made to search for you

This soul you gave me is burst for you

My mind was made up to trust in you

I will trust in you

And I will worship you


This song by Travis Greene “All The Glory” it truly shows that worship isn’t just a song but the sum total of Spirit, Soul and Body. Is your life like this as well, where all the members of your total being worship God?


Worship is all about your whole life not a part of it as we have been taught, or just it’s just your hands here and there your hands and on occasions your knees or your heart. Think through your life how are you glorifying God. So what worship is and isn’t is a question that only you can answer yourself.



Worship Him in the Beauty of His Holiness


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