What if God was bigger and better than we thought he was?

What if His plans for you and me involved us going for the dreams in our hearts?

What if God was an extravagantly generous Father?

What if we were no longer slaves or servants, but sons of God through Jesus Christ?

What if God wanted us to take more initiative in our lives- not foolishly or presumptuously, but not fearfully either?

What if we could see other people and ourselves the way that God sees?

What if God’s people really lived as a new creation in Christ?

What if some of the things that I have believed about God were wrong, and He showed me by His Spirit and through the Scriptures more clearly Who He is?

What if, just for today, I walked in the joy of the Lord?!

Godrest and Godspeed!
David Baroni

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Comment by Todd Vaters on October 22, 2009 at 5:09pm
Amen, bro!


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