What do you mean, "The Pastors are snowed in!"???

We in the Seattle area, like much of the country, have been having inclement winter weather. Friday evening we got a bit of snow, but roads weren't impacted. The snow held off during the day on Saturday, and finally cut loose overnight Saturday night.

Sunday at 6:45 I called the pastors' house to see how the roads were over by the church..."doesn't look like it's sticking to the road" was the reply. OK...services are good to go for 9:00. We leave the house about 7:30 (normally we leave between 7:45 and 8:00) and cautiously pick our way over to the church...a few slipping and sliding moments, but all in all a fairly uneventful, albeit slower, drive to the church.

En route, my cellphone rings...my wife answers it for me: "it's Ted...hello, Ted...no, he's driving...uh-huh...uh-huh...ok, I'll tell him..." Well, it looks like it'll be Larry and me for vocals this morning, and since Ted's son is the drummer, no drums. We get to the church, and start setting up the projector, pulling the music, etc. when my phone starts buzzing...text message from Larry. "I've been called into work..." OK, so I'm solo on the vocals today...not the first time, won't be the last...

The guitarist gets there (Thank You, Lord!) and we start warming up. About 8:55 or so, my wife walks into the sanctuary. "The pastors just called...they're having car trouble, so they tried taking their son's truck...and it keeps sliding back down the hill by their house. They want to know if you can wing it until they get here...if they can get here." Urk...

OK...winging it...the first part is pretty normal...just work our way through the music we already have. Let the "greet each other" go a bit longer than normal. Throw in a couple of additional scripture readings. The pastoral prayer suddenly becomes a LOT less formal. Have the scripture for the sermon read aloud.

Um...OK...it's 9:45...about to close with another prayer when the pastors finally walk in..."Where are we?" "We're Ready for the sermon..." "Can you sing another Christmas carol or something while I get my coat hung up and my notes collected from the office?"

Well, at least the 11:00 service went fairly normally...[grin].

Have a blessed Christmas--Dan

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