I think I can see that it is possible for me to train myself out of a job as worship leader, not that my calling would be revoked or I would go into early retirement, but to train up a cadre of leaders who need the work (figuratively) so much that I would be the directional worship leader- Like Pace at FC Grapevine...But could I ever train my way out of a job as a lead guitar player? My whole team claims to be onboard with training and discipling the next generation... but is ANYBODY doing it?

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Comment by Junjie on April 2, 2009 at 1:29pm
Training up worship leaders or other musicians for worship is very much easier than training up lead guitarists. I don't see the urgency for it, because I don't believe lead guitar is a vital role in the worship team though. If you can ever come up with a structured and effective way to train up lead guitar players for worship teams, do let me know. :) I am toying around with the idea, but I probably won't go further than that because I am not a lead guitarist.
Comment by Sean Christman on May 28, 2009 at 5:06pm
Our main expectation for our service is a prayed up, polished worship set using songs and techniques to minister to our two target people groups- to build up believers with the content of the songs- the lyrical content, and to draw non-believers with the sound of the songs- sounds like music. This year we're featuring songs from Hillsong London's "Jesus Is", and other music like Let God Arise... songs with lead guitar parts.


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