"To Conduct an Orchestra One Must Turn There Back to the Crowd"

"To conduct an orchestra one must turn there back to the crowd"

This my personal quote for 2009!

This means I am going to do what God has called me regardless what people think. Don't really need people to give me there approval all I need is God's, my family's, and my leadership above me.

This tends to frustrate people about me cause I am stubborn and strong willed. No need for getting in some ones face if they don't agree with me. (some call that being real, I call it being rude) It's ok to disagree. Your disagreement will not effect me, my creativity, or my vision.

I will listen to you and your critical comments, and smile in your face, and say God bless you. I will then turn around and still do what it is I need to do, and what I'm called to do... most importantly HOW I'm supposed to do it.

You may even find yourself frustrated with me cause you can't manipulate me. I have never asked you to stop being you, so don't ask me to stop being me.

This is not an article of frustration but determination,. I am going hard for all that God has for me. I am just setting the ground work for any obstacles or distraction that may want to rise up against me. It may be in the spiritual realm or even the human realm. Either way, I'm ready!

The bible says to speak those things as so they are... It also says to bind those obstacles in Jesus name. I'm setting the ground work now. 2009 will be even a better year.

I'm turning my back on the crowd to conduct the orchestra!!!!

Have a great Christmas and a New Year!

Pastor Jermaine J. Rodriguez

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