You may not know me but let me tell you how I became who I am. It all started with my birth. I was born in an army base near San Antonio, Texas January, 20, 1990. In two months I had a stroke in my frontal lobe in my brain. That changed everything. Doctors tried to predict that I would not be able to walk, talk or even eat.

A year later, I began to walk on my own. At 3 years old, I began to talk for the first time and ate my first food.
About this time we moved to Freeman, South Dakota. Mom was dating a guy named Philips, who seemed nice.
At age 5 he started to hated me. I was never safe. He began to drink heavily. It finally came to a reality.
I just left my bus stop after school. I opened the door to my unsafe trailer home. I stepped into the kitchen, I saw shattered glass on the floor. With every step that I took, there came a crunch as I past the kitchen. The living room was a mess. Frames were disarrayed. Turning to the left and headed straight to my bedroom door. I let out a sigh of relieve. Nothing was touched. I jumped on the bed and stated to pray. I asked God to for help. Just as was done, I heard a Ford pickup pull up. I ran to the light, clicked it off and hid under the bed. I heard him calling my name.

"Christian, get your butt over here." Silence was the response. Footsteps rushed past my room, then heard everything started to break. Thoughts were running through my mind. Why does this happen to me? He kicked the door open. I screamed out loud. A face of a man appeared it was...Philips. He let out an evil laugh, and began to do his dirty work. He grabbed me by the shirt, and pulled me out, stripped my clothes and started hitting me. I was bleeding on the floor. Blood splattered everywhere he took me by the leg and ripped it apart from my joint. I was not happy. I was never let out of my unsafe house. After 2 hours of the beating you could not see if I was animal or a human. I could only crawl on my stomach for days
My Mom seeing the bloodstained floor, she scooped me up and took me to the hospital in Sioux Falls. They preformed surgery. In two months, I was called the Miracle Child. The doctors diagnosed me Autism and MR (Mental Retardation). Since the beating was so severe, they suggested that we should stay at the Children's Inn. I made a lot of friends very easily when I was there.
I was in the ruins of my life. I thought I was going to die in this miserable place. This world full of lies, I could not find a way out it. Then I finally began to gain friends at Edison Middle school. One of the friends that I will never forget is Kayla Fritz. I saw in her eyes that she truly loved the character that lives inside of me. I thought she was angel sent from God that he still loved me. I was thinking if he still cares for me, who will love me as I am.
I am the senior now that I live for Jesus Christ. I have the heart of love. That kind of love that never goes away. I have so many friends because of it. I love to share everyone about

I have the best interest to help people like me. Some people care about me. I felt honored to be a person who has a different mindset. There are some people who will close their minds and not see the true character of the other person. I have learned that I have something special. I was made to love people. I am gentle, caring guy who looks out for others like me. I really feel like an angel when I see that people need help. I have been trained to assist people with special needs. I want to thank my friends that support my beliefs. I am thankful that they have not let me down. I want to be remembered as a friend of God. I am a lover of life. I’m one of best person that ever have live. I’m always wanted to be as my friend Christ. I know he was the perfect person that change the world, he loved everyone he sees, even the enemies that hated his powerful miracles that he done. I want to do the things that Christ had done. I am happy to be his follower. I am just like him. In the days ahead, life will give me obstacles to plow thought. I am not a failer. I am more than a conquer. I have what it takes to stand for my Father in heaven. I am sent to do his miracles, heal the broken to turn their lives to Jesus Christ. I gave my live to him. I know that it is hell without him, I have lived a life without Him .A helper that will never fail to stand for the rightful God who is waiting for his children to come back to him. He is waiting for you. Don’t let him wait on you. I love you as if you were my brother or sister. I have a bigger family that expands to the ends of the earth. I can see you need a change in your life. Make it today. Inside of every student, there is a story to tell.

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Comment by Diana Jurss on April 28, 2009 at 8:16pm
" I was made to love people". That is so cool! And it is apparent that you also love God.
Blessings on you and your future work.
Comment by Deonna on May 6, 2009 at 8:12pm
Words do not seem adequate after reading your heart-wrenching story. It's great to read that you've overcome odds, are living for Jesus, and ministering to others. Keep walking with Him!


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