Thoughts in the moment(pardon my rambling)

I remember being a young kid, before caller i.d. and my great grandmother would call. Obviously before Caller i.d., we had no idea who was calling but as soon as you picked up the phone, before hearing her actual voice, you would hear 100 db of television in the back ground. Immediately we knew who it was. The same as when certain others would call, the first word they spoke, you knew who it was. You were in tune with their voice. 

What about those times a very distant relative would call. You pick up and hear "guess who!"..Your first thoughts-"i have no idea who this is" and start guessing. 

Jesus says: "my people hear my voice and they follow me. They will follow no other name". 

We are very in tune with all the noises of every day life. We are attuned to our boss' voice, our spouse' voice, our preachers' voice. We are attuned to the sounds of car horns, sirens, Starbucks lines and the radio. We are surrounded by NOISE all day and every day. The thing that has been challenging me lately is, how will i be able to discern who's calling me without knowing his voice or having tuned in. Gods voice has no caller i.d. and if we aren't spending intentional time in a quiet place meditating on his word, if we aren't IN the word, how will we know if God is speaking? How will we know if the words we hear are coming from his voice?

It's easier said than done-to make time for just God where there is nothing but peace. God has to compete with all the noise of life for our hearts. He has to compete with our schedule, our temptation, our complacency, our families, our hobbies, our technology..the list goes on. God says: "if you would draw near to me, i will draw near to you". Too often, we focus on God and what he does-heals, saves, strengthens, grants wisdom, brings often do we find a quiet place just to commune with God for WHO HE IS? 

My personal belief is, wherever we are with our relationship with God today, should not be the same tomorrow. David was a man after Gods own heart because Davids true desire was just to know God and his constant pursuit was Gods heart. 

I want to be like David...I want a deep relationship. I pursue it in spurts..i fall back and shift my focus elsewhere..then pursue Gods heart..I hear his voice and then life gets noisy and distracting..Today, i pray for a no caller i.d. kind of lifestyle..i invite you to join me and for those who are around me in my daily life, in invite your accountability. 

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Comment by David Loeffler on October 13, 2012 at 10:52pm

I hear and understand what you are saying, one thing I do, and everyone is different so this doesn't mean everyone should do this, but I find my time much more productive with God if I am worshiping and praying at the same time. I just grab my guitar and start to worship which leads to prayer and listening time with God and the music drowns out all the other clutter so i just hear God! I'll take my reading time also of course but I tend to get easily distracted and playing the music keeps me focused. So, I try to balance the two out, reading and worship/prayer time. In our busy lives it doesn't always work that way but I try. Also if I'm playing and praying I'm less likely to be disturbed by others because they can hear me doing it.

Accountibility is great, spouse or friends to help keep you on track, even as a senior Pastor and Worship leader it is great to have my wife come and tell me what she read today and learned from it, that promts me to go do the same if I haven't already.

We have so much around us to keep us distracted that sometimes we just need to say no, I need to spend some time with God, and everyone who is a Christian will understand that, or should!


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