So the big question was why do I have to do it, they say raise your hand and bow down but I don’t think that matter you know. God is looking at my heart and he is not worried about what I do. So I thought of it and just searched about this presumption and this is what I found out. 


The worship is not in the bowing but the worship is in the condition of the heart that the whole story here. God sees your worship in the attitude of bowing. In my culture bowing Is a sing to show respect to the elders, when you enter a courtroom you are supposed to bow and address the judge as your worship think about that, Asians bow as a sign of respect and they say the depth of your respect is seen in how low you bow. Universal cultures and traditions show us that when you bow you are showing respect and reverence of the person you are meeting or respect to the seat they occupy and then we come to Christ and we say that our worship is not in the bowing. 


Hebrews are very expressive in their worship and looking at all these verses in the bible you realize that worship is indeed a state of the heart and spirit which is then evidenced or expressed in their bowing, lying prostrate, lifting their hands, clapping and shouting just to mention a few. 


We will bow in Worship 2 Chronicles 29:28


We bow and worship Nehemiah 8:6 


I come and bow down in worship Psalms 95:6-7 


Ask yourself is the worship in the bowing?.


When you bow, you are showing respect and honor to the very person you are bowing to, so when we bow in worship aren’t we recognizing the authority of Him who we worship. In this state you are respecting and honoring God with lifted hands, clapping of hands, lying prostrate, singing, shouting and kneeling may it all come from a place of worship deep inside, may this be our expression of our love and affection, a manifestation of the condition of our intent of our lives. 


“I would rather let my words be without word than for my words to be without a heart”, Matt Redman.  I would say let not our actions and expressions of worship be without a heart.  We need to worship God from our hearts and also express our worship through some actions like bowing, lifting our hands. Pst Bonnie Deuschle always says “God wants your heart and also your body”, you can explain it on mountains that you love your wife but it becomes complete when you show it. 


“Bodily posture means a lot not only to the being worshipped but also to the one being worshipped”, Matt Redman.  The worship is not in the bowing, it’s up to us, it’s our call.  


“Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness”

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