The Trust Challange, Something To Think About

Happy New Year Worshippers


2014 has started and it’s going to be an interesting year but you know as most people are on or have just finished a fast and people are seeking the face of the Lord in this season and it’s an important thing to do but my prayer is may we carry the very same heart as the 2014 curtains start closing. It’s easy to shout, sing and declare what the year will be and it’s not that easy to live everyday of it.  


A couple of days ago I was listening to a song by KJ Scriven called “I Will Trust” I started to think upon the song and I realized that a lot of the songs I love that are on my playlist have to do with trust. I realized that I love and I listen to a lot of songs about trusting in the Lord. 


Trusting the Lord is not an easy thing, I haven’t even scratched a part of trusting the Lord, let alone have faith in God. I asked myself a question if I say I trust in God then why doesn’t God do what He wants in my life, if I trust Him then he has access to do what He wants to do with my life.  Think about it how many people in the world said they trust God to sort them out but bail on Him the moment they see rain clouds coming (me included).


FREE WILL, that the thing that stands in between our trust in the Lord and living a life of trusting the Lord. One minute we are saying we trust you Lord with our lives and the next minute we are thinking how we can sort it out ourselves. 


Then  in my crazy mind I asked myself what if we gave him that ability, what if we gave him our ability to make decisions that is our FREE WILL, why not surrender that free will and then He decides how we live our lives, eat, where we go, who we meet, etc. This made me think of the book I’m reading by Pst Bill Hybels called “The Power Of A Whisper”, “Hearing God and Having The Guts To Respond” there is a passage of the book that I’m going to copy. The writer was at a point in life where he was struggling to make a decision and someone invited him for dinner and before that person left he said this to him:


“I’m going to issue you a challenge, Why not put your whole life in God’s hands, Why not trust him fully. I challenge you to give him full clearance to lead your life –every area of your life –until the point he proves himself to be trustworthy. At that moment you can bail out but until then give God total control. I challenge you to push the throttle as far as you can push it and live your life wide open to God and see where his way takes you. I have a feeling you will never regret it”


As we look to 2014 it just struck me that day why not try this out and see what God can do. Let’s try him out and let him prove himself trustworthy or untrustworthy. 


One thing for sure I need to learn is to rely and trust on God, His Son and The Holy Spirit, why not start the year 2014 at that place.


 "Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"




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