Tonight at church we studies the tabernacle of Moses and all of the items that were in it and I was once again reminded of how awesome it is to have free access to the Lord 24/7. All that Jesus purchased for us with His death, burial and resurrection made us able to come boldly before the throne of grace. When I think about the Old Testament law and the sacrifices that had to be made and how only one person had access to the presence of God, I am so thankful for Jesus' sacrifice and the access He provided for us.

I was especially awed by the altar of incense--prayer and praise--and how our worship rises to the throne of God as a sweet incense--we bring a sacrifice of praise--our worship is an act of sacrifice that pleases the Lord. WOW!

I want to become more and more of a sacrifice to the Lord--laying down more of myself so that He can be exalted and lifted up. So many times people are all about elevating themselves and making themselves better than others. Jesus modeled humility and sacrifice for us. I should be striving to do the same every day. It's not an easy thing, but it is necessary.

Jesus--show me how to become more humble--more of a sacrifice in everything I do. Be exalted and praised in my life.
I love you Lord.

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