The Clearing Effect, Its Caused By Worship

Good Day Worshippers


Worship clears, removes and creates a pathway for us to enter into the presence of God. Worship was created as a vehicle to carry us into the presence of God and not for us to worship! The worship but to get us into God’s presence. Worship clears our mind and heart and prepares us for an encounter with God.


Our hearts are like fallow ground and worship acts like the water which saturates the ground or a tractor or plough that prepares the ground for seed. Worship allows us to prepare our lives for us to meet and commune with out father.


Worship allows us to refocus and look to God more and more and look less and less from ourselves. Worship clears the way, worship is a spiritual thing and the devil does not like worship at all and he throws so many obstacles and stones on our pathways for us not to worship or distort the worship we give. When we just prostrate our hearts, God show us the way we should worship Him even the songs to sing to him that will clears the pathway or create a new pathway so that we may meet Him face to face.


There are so many hindrances that come against us and most of them we just need to stop and think and just worship God there and there according him all glory and we see circumstances changes in our lives. Worship breaks down hindrances for us to meet God, vain philosophies, wrong atmospheres allowing us access to know the goodness of God. It is when we worship God that we see our lives changing daily.


Worship clears and helps our hearts and minds to loose focus of what think is important and look to what is more important, God. Worship allows us to wait upon and receive God’s word which is given to us. Its worship that blesses our lives more and more but we need to worship Him in right manner for us to see the benefit that worship brings to our lives. It connects us with the maker irregardless our circumstances its helps us and prepares for the ultimate showdown with God but only if we apply it right just like medicine.


If you are a prophetic worshipper you need to learn how you can learn to worship personally and even when you worship corporately so that God can be glorified more and more, by blessing many of God’s children.


Worship clears moves and creates a pathway for us to enter into the presence of God


Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness

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