Just last night I came across a blog by Tim Hughes which really hit me where I'm at. The full blog can be found here:


The gist of Tim's thought is that we can get so caught up in a business model and mentality for the church that we forget to create space and time to get away with the One we are so busy serving. Of this, I am guilty. I've currently been serving at the same church for the past 7 years, and creatively it has been perhaps the crustiest desert I've ever experienced! The reason is that I have put undue and might I even say ungodly pressure on myself to hit quotas and log hours and instantly reply to my 50 emails a day, schedule volunteers, change light bulbs, train sound men, maintain a/v gear, teach Bible studies and at the same time try to remain a good husband and father. From a creative standpoint, I've let my musical skills and songwriting abilities shift into autopilot so that I have time to do all the other busy work that is shoved in my direction. That is poor stewardship.

Jesus always, always, always found a way to be with the Father. Sometimes it was going without sleep, and other times it was letting other people's expectations fall flat. We work for God Almighty, yes. But we also live and love for Him. If we only work for Him, our relationship that motivated the work in the first place will erode.

My goal is to get healthy and to put things where they belong. You should too. We might not have jobs when that happens, but what are we worried about? Isn't it Jesus that we're ultimately working for!?

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