Establish and practice your internal atmosphere. We need to become a tabernacle.

- Practice connecting with God in non-church settings

- Practice connecting in dark places or scary places or places of stress

My authority over the external realm is in direct connection to my internal realm authority.

Many people have learned to ride a wave of he spirit but the time has come to make a wave of the spirit. We carry the kingdom inside of us. Peace, righteousness, and joy. I can carry these things into any
situation. I am looking forward to learning better how to do this.
So to do this I will be taking captive every thought against the fact
that I am righteous. Don't try to do righteous, be righteous. And of
course this works for anything don't try and do holy things be holy.
Do not adjust your expectations to the atmosphere.
The scripture in James "count it all joy." Count it means a military
term: general. Meaning let joy be your general. If you can maintain this
joy, peace and righteousness it is easier to hear God's voice.

2) Establish and overthrow the atmosphere. Maintain your internal kingdom. This is how we worship to the size of our room. The devil likes to magnify himself and we can add to it if we are not careful. To
magnify the Lord you need to take a magnifying glass and look close.
Believe that where there is a demon there are at least 2 angels in the
room waiting for assignment. Let's not allow them to continue to sit
idle. We need to focus not on what was but what is there. A simple
example is this. Let's say you go into a hotel room and you feel a nasty
presence don't focus on the old presence focus on the fact that you as a
person who carries the kingdom and glory are now changing the
atmosphere and you feel sorry for the next person in the room!

Some ways to do this is praise in place, proclamations, impartations, fruit f the spirit, prayer and intercession, repentance and gifts. These are ways to release the
kingdom into the atmosphere. Once you have a handle on this you can
begin to worship bigger than the room. You need to adjust the measure of
your receiving. Example. You want to make a lunch for 1 person you
would not make 12 sandwiches. So you need to make enough for the amount
of people you are feeding. So I want to receive enough for 100 people
because I know that is what I will be praying for. I receive and then I
take more. Then I need to learn to give my praise an assignment. So case
in point would be if I was at a church and they were singing a song
that did not pertain to me at the time I would ask the Lord who this
song is for and who should I be singing for. So we need to have a
vertical track going with the Lord and then a horizontal assignment. Now
this does not happen every time but is good to know about and
understand so we don't miss opportunities to make change. So worshiping
bigger than the room means worship for more than just yourself.

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