Speaking Life

By Dionne Spence May 2009

I find it absolutely amazing the way God will send people into your life (even for a brief moment) to encourage, motivate, inspire, or just say a kind word to lift you out of discouragement, depression, or the cares of life that have become too overwhelming. I know that at one time in my life it seemed like I was always the positive one, the one that would find good in what ever situation that someone explained to me. But then reality hit and I found myself dealing with my own issues, problems, and insecurities. Having for your self that same positive energy used to uplift, and motivate someone else is very difficult. To be honest, in some circumstances down right impossible. This fact just confirms one of the truths that human intellect tries to overlook and deny: We can not make it by ourselves, on our own strength, through our own wisdom!

For some reason those like myself who once prided myself on being an independent spirit, a “do it yourselfer” of sorts now has to face the cold hard truth: we were made to be dependent upon each other not independent. Now of course I don’t mean that human kind should be enslaved to each other for the tiniest minute tasks to get done. I am merely implying that it is no coincidence that we face situations that we can not handle on our own. We need these situations to remind us that we are limited in wisdom, creativity, resources, stamina, and maturity when we try to handle that situation alone. So we need each other’s testimonies, experiences, “short cuts”, and prayers to make it through hard times. We need that encouraging word that pushes us to the next level of our existence. Some times I need to be reminded that I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. I might need some one to agree with me that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

I like to be the one to speak life into my friends, and loved one’s life, but some times I need some one to speak life to me. We should be like iron sharpening iron, finding more ways to enrich and add value to the lives of our loved ones. Now for those who try living this way and for those who are going to try it out. Let me be very frank with you. It is not easy. Use wisdom: if you do not have the encouraging word for the situation, be quiet. Or just let that person know that you will help in any way that you can. Let not be fake with this. It is nothing worse than to be going through a situation and some one just throws one of those clichéd “everything will work out just fine” lines at you when you can tell that they don’t mean it. In the times when I can’t find the words to say to make that person feel better, I offer them prayer, or try to find some thing from the Word that might console them. Compassion is a gift, love is a blessing, but an on time Word is PRICELESS!

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