When I was growing up in Decatur, Illinois the "enemy" in our neighborhood was a girl, and she was always up for a good fight.  In later years I found out why that was so.  Her opponents used whatever weapon available, whether fists, sticks, or rocks.  Those in military service use various weapons to engage an enemy that they've been trained to know.  That's all in the human realm.


In the spirit realm we have an enemy also.  God's Word identifies him as satan, among other names.  Every believer in Jesus Christ is a target for the enemy UNLESS you just "go to church on Sunday" and that's the extent of your relationship with the Lord; he's probably got you already.  But for those of us who have decided to walk with the Lord on a daily basis, we have not only acknowledge the enemy is real, but have picked up our spiritual weapons and learned how to use them.  In today's text Jesus tells us we have power over the enemy.  We see from this text that the enemy does have power, but the power and authority given to us through Jesus Christ is greater than any power the enemy could wield against us.  When we make meditation on the Word of God a regular practice in our Christian experience, there is nothing satan can do to overtake us.  Yes, he will try, but he won't win.  God is ALL powerful!  The enemy speaks lies, but we have God-given authority to speak the truth of God's Word.  Rise up in your spiritual authority and speak truth to power!


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