Someplace there is a child being abused, there
is a young girl being rapped, there's a mother who is
trapped within an auto accident, there's a hungry
child with no food, there is someone's pet lying along
a road injured and you are reading this. ≡► Please
take the time to remember the hurting and pray for God
to ease the pain and supply their needs.

When you see a tear in someone's eye, remember that
Jesus suffered for you, while He was hurting He had
you on His mind. Come to Jesus before it is too late
to ask His forgiveness, don't say no and then regret
it later.

Remember that Rich Man in hell, he closed his eyes here
and opened them in hell, because he never took the time
to seek Jesus.

If there is any doubt at all within your heart about
God's Holy Word, please pray that God will remove that
cloud that hinders you from seeing clearly and give you
the joy of giving love to those who are hurting.

Oh, I ain't doin notin but making sense,


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