We're all here because we enjoy music with a message, and many of us are here because we feel something of a calling on our lives in this respect. Whether it is it lead a simple acoustic worship set with a small group once a week, to lead congregational worship on Sunday mornings, or to become the next Chris Tomlin, these callings are no more or less important than one another. For most of us the hard part is; how do we achieve the goals we feel God placing in our hearts?

For artists who feel that part of their ministry is to create an Indie-level CD and release it to the world, I believe I can be of some assistance. There has never been a time in my life when I did not feel called to some form of music ministry, and to that end I have been writing and recording - thousands of tracks now - since the early '80s. Being primarily a keyboard/synthesizer guy, I have been collecting recording studio equipment all along and have recently decided to open my Indie-level studio to other artists.

This is called Serenity Ministries, and it encompasses Serenity SoundLab (the recording studio), Serenity Productions (the multimedia studio) and Serenity Records (the record company functions). Come to me with even a rough idea for a song and we can work together to produce a complete Indie-level CD, copyrighted, bar-coded, shrink-wrapped and available on Rhapsody, iTunes, Amazon, etc.! All this without spending thousands of dollars.

For local artists, this means being able to come into a home-operated production studio without paying by the hour, having assistance creating full instrumentation and backing tracks without paying extra for studio musicians and having the entire design/layout, production and distribution program all under one roof, all under one agreement. My rates are variable but are generally just a fraction of traditional rates just for studio time. Instead of spending a truckload of cash on studio time, studio musicians, graphic designers and 1,000s of CDs, you can spend your money on just as many CDs as you want (even 1 at a time, though I don't recommend that approach) and everyone's favorite; more gear.

For international clients; all you need is the ability to record your rough tracks in WAV format to a click track (audacity is a free software program that does this) and I can help you with the rest via email and other methods. Projects become scratch demo tracks that get passed back and forth until you, the artist, are satisfied with the result.

As for my personal projects, they generally vary between an electronica-acoustic sound with heavy '80s influence and decidedly "soundtrack" instrumental pieces. Alternative contemporary P&W is the genre I suppose I would generally fit in to best, though my music tends to be eccentric and moody at times. However I am experienced with many different genres and usually strive to be as transparent on other artist's projects as possible - unless they specifically set me loose on a track or two.

So, if you've always wanted a CD with your music out there available to everyone, everywhere, but just didn't have the resources necessary...Now you do.

Blessings, and I hope to hear from you soon!


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