"Save Me"
Melissa Wilson 10/10/09

Pressures, trials, pain and abandon
Loneliness, fear, anger and rejection
Betrayal, selfishness, no self control
Bitterness, hatred, consuming my soul.

The lies just keep screaming, “You’ve failed!”
Wrapping my mind in its very own jail
I continue to do that which I hate
Pulled, divided, afraid it’s too late

Search my heart for what isn’t of You
I know my life must be made new
Longing to be more than I am
Seeking Your face, not only Your hand

Hoping you’ll come and wash me clean
It’s by Your blood I have been redeemed.
I continue to stand on the power of Your Word
Save me, Jesus, I need You my Lord

Save me from myself, from the power within
Save me from this culture steeping in sin
Save me from "religion" twisted, deceived
To live only for you, living on my knees

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