"Satan Hates it When We Praise"

It is believed by many that Satan was Lucifer in Heaven and his job was to lead worship and present it to the Great I Am. In Ezekiel 28:12 the king of Tyre was similar to Satan in his beauty and in his fall. Many believe that in this scripture the fall of Satan is described as well, especially in vs. 14 & 15. “You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering; The ruby, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created. You were the anointing cherub who covers; I established you...”

This scripture states that Lucifer was the anointed cherub who covers indicating that he held a high order and specific placement affording him unique opportunity to bring glory to God. Many say that that would be as the role of the worship leader supporting that by the references to the musical instruments.

“...Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty...I cast you to the ground.” Lucifer’s fall was a result of his pride. He wanted to take the glory unto himself.

To me, this says several things as well. I believe that Lucifer was created as an instrument in his very essence. He was made up of pipes and timbrels through which the worship was presented unto God. With this, God gave me a vision of blowing in a flute. When you blow in a flute, there is vibration that occurs, and then sounds come out. As worship was lifted up to God, it resonated Lucifer’s very being. Even though he was cast down, he has been made the prince of the air. As we worship God, our praises travel on vibrations/sound waves actually cutting through the air. When we praise Jesus Christ, our voices literally cut through his very being and paralyze him, keeping him from doing what he intends to do, steal, kill and destroy.

Our praise is like fingernails going down a chalkboard to Satan and he cannot function. Our praise is also a bitter reminder of what he lost. We now offer the praise to the King of the Universe. Just whispering the name of Jesus with an anointing is torture to the enemy.

Another revelation I believe God gave me was concerning the precious jewels and stones that covered Lucifer prior to his fall. This covering was removed from him. Taken from him because of his pride. We, the church, now are the stones. We are red, black, white, yellow, & brown. When we worship separately, Satan hates it because we have the authority and power to paralyze his schemes. He hates it when we praise. However, when we come together in racial unity, he is reminded even more greatly of the covering he lost and that we now hold the high position that was once his. He does not want to see the races come together. He hates it and has done all he can to stop it.

As a side note, flags are made of bright colors and ‘cut through’ the prince of the air. As we intercede and worship, they are mighty weapons in warfare. Visuals in our worship should draw the focus to the Lord. It's representative of the beauty of God, a physical picture of what is happening in the spiritual realm.

Our lives are worship unto God. Walking in racial unity is worshiping God. We are the instruments, our praise is the weapon of warfare. Through praise to God, Satan is defeated, and God is lifted up. Where God is lifted up, the lost will be drawn. What greater victory is there than to see a lost soul come to Christ?!!

by Melissa Wilson
Kairos Worshipping Arts Ministry

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