Melissa Wilson 11/06/07


I thought we had the truest love, but I could never see.
That his first love was only him, never really me
Nothing is as I thought it was, nothing was as it seemed.
I never knew his fantasy was reality to me

Chorus 1:
I may be Smiling on the outside but I’m crying on the in,
Wonderin if I’ll ever know what true love truly is.
Laughing with my buddies, yet aching for a friend,
Givin them what they want to see, or I won’t see them again

To everyone else my reality is a fantasy to me.

I tried and tried to stand against the things that brought me down.
But then one day I just caved in and collapsed upon the ground.
Then and there I realized what I had truly found,
Christ had pulled me to my knees where reality abounds

Chorus 2:
And now I’m smiling on the outside and smiling on the in.
Thankful that I now know what true love truly is
Laughing with my whole heart finding joy through pain
Becoming who I was made to be, to become one with Him

Now what was only fantasy is reality to me.

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