You ever find yourself asking God to put me in coach.For the past couple of months it feels like that's what I've been doing. You see it gets a little lonely up on the shelf watch the game go oninfront of you. Lately how ever I've noticed God has not parked onshelf but He instead has me in His workshop and is rebuilding and retuning me for the next leg in life's race. One of the things God is doing is letting look into past lessons to see how I apply them
to present day problem and trials. I began to remember a time that I swore to myself I would do my best to forget. It was a time when I royaly messed up as a servant of God. I chased a dream I had prayed for all my life. The only problem was I never took the time to ask God if this was the time and place for this dream. I found out all to soon I took a path not ment for me. When it all cumbled into rock and ash. Instaed of running to God I allowed my rage to lead me from God. I became a rage filled robot so to speak. I didn't care what I seen, said, or done.
I foolishly allowed myself to think If God doesn't care why should I. Until the day I woke one day and looked in the mirror and said you must die. I was ashamed of the rage filled monster I had become
I figured the only way to destroy the monster was to kill myself. Then God called in the troops in the way of a friend of mine Wes as well as Pastor James Featherstone. Together they help pull out the nose dive I got into and then God brought me back to Pennsylvaina and lead to other who could help me. He also used music to bring me back around. I wondered why God until I saw a friend of mine heading down the same path. God taught me a lesson that I still learning the true meaning of ( One persons pain can indeed be another persons healing).
It's not my purpose to depress anyone only to share what God is doing with me in His workshop.
I have a feeling once I get to point where God want me and I'm firing on all cylinders he will put me back
in the race in His time and in His way. Until then I'll trust what God has done in the past and learn the new lessons
God has for me. God does train us on the montain with the intension of leading through the valley. Our God is a
very wise General He does not send a poorly trained soldier into battle. For now it may be lonesome here in the
back corner of God's workshop but it does make one wonder a bit about what lies ahead. So now I patently or
atleast I try to patently await the comand to retake the track. Until next time Let us try to walk tall for Jesus
with a smile on our face and a new song in our heart. It won't be easy but I will make those around you wonder
what you have that they don't. So long and God bless you all

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