A long time ago... artists were rare and few. And all of them have
contributed a lot in the society in terms of culture. History is never
complete without them. In so many ways, they have made a difference and I
would say that Earth is dry without Arts. They made the world more

But today, a lot claim and think that they are an artist but only few of
them are genuine. And it's no longer clear... WHAT MAKES AN ARTIST...

I am a Fine Arts student but it doesn't assure me that I am an artist or
will become an artist. Maybe it's about time to define TRUE AND FALSE

As I observe the people who are so CALLED ARTIST... I realize that not all of them are.
A lot of them just want it coz it's cool...

Some things I realize of what TRUE ARTIST IS LIKE:

True Artists defends, false ones rebell
True Artists defy arrogance, false ones embrace it
True Artists can distinguish between fakeness and realness, false ones can't tell the difference
True Artists are smart, false ones are trying to be smart

True Artists are not measured by the arts they make but by the values they share
True Artists are weird, false ones are strange
True Artists are messy but organized, false ones are disoriented
True Artists are not conscious but yet aware of themselves, false ones are conscious and unaware

True Artists listens to all opinions but chooses which to accept, false ones chooses whom to listen and accept all opinions
True Artists know whom to listen, false ones don't
True Artists are optimistic, false ones are pessimist

True Artists appreciates, false ones criticize
True Artists are noticed, false ones wants to be noticed
True Artists are fun loving, false ones mocks
True Artists are deep, false ones are shallow

True Artists accepts reality, false ones live in fantasies
True Artists are secure, false ones search for it.
True Artists are selfless, false ones are selfish
True Artists value others, false ones are vain

True Artists are firm, false ones are weak
True Artists make use of time, false ones waste it
True Artists are productive, false ones are trying to produce
True Artists works under passion, false ones work under pressure


I know there's still more but maybe you can add. You may not agree with
me but this is what I got so far. A lot of us are pretentious but only
the True ones prevails. And I truly believe that...


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Comment by Greg Moore on July 25, 2010 at 4:10am
Hi, JB
You might say "True person / False Person", to every line, except perhaps the last (for we are born again to be made into the likeness of Christ).
A good many of the discussions on WorshiptheRock seem to eventually end up discussing this matter of truth or falsity in art (no matter what the original topic was). It is not new that Christians would have a deep interest in integrity -- the Bible is a book of honesty; its heroes, even when they sinned, returned quickly to the truth; and this has held true for the last two millenia to the present.

We live in an age where the deeds of people are displayed openly as never before. Every day we read of religious phonies, people who seem determined to promote themselves alongside the Christ, making the mention of His name embarrassing rather than sweet.

Art critics, secular or sacred, have a keen eye for truth. It is considered an insult for a work to be "derivative" - where a composer or artist puts their name to a piece that has no spark of originality. Yet it is hard to define. To communicate, all speech, all art, all poetry, all music has to have strong links with its current culture. When I was in college, I wrote several pieces of music in which I tried to express myself in tone,without reference to anyone's style! Not even the avant-garde teachers in my liberal school went that far. I received a comment: "That is truly remarkable music; but I would have to live with it for a year to understand it." Then when I wrote songs that were less "me" and more "regular music", I began to hear the treasured, "I really like that." And if someone actually remembered what the song was ABOUT, I would treasure that -- and write more in its genre.

We are all pretentious. To master a style, any style, you have to pretend to be part of that culture. To write Latin, I imagine I have the bananas on top of my head and I am dancing the samba, and it is a normal thing for me to shout, "brr-r-r-r-r-rrrrrrOO-hah!" When I write in Latin style, I BECOME a little more Latin.

Now, is this losing my integrity, or learning to love another's music, to be part of the wonderful thing called Sharing which Jesus invites us to do in every area of our life?

My artistic sense seems to be born into me -- I was born into an artistic family and have the DNA. But throughout life, I have a zillion decisions to make. Each decision turns me more towards a self that follows Christ, the fountain of life and the author of all true Art, or a self that follows that dullest of all creatures, the devil. In that sense, if I follow Christ, I am an artist "made" through the transformation of my mind, to doing His will, to create art that somehow (I will never know how on this earth) communicates His marvelous love.
Comment by JB Baratbate III on July 29, 2010 at 12:49am
Thanks for the comment. To be honest... I enjoyed reading it... Thanks for sharing... :-D


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