Hey y'all!! That's southern for "you all' or "you guys"! I will soon be posting songs from my demo c.d., for the very first time and am looking forward to your feedback. It's awesome to have the privilege to get to listen to so many anointed brothers and sisters from around the world! I am so blown away by that, it's soooo cool! So, be looking for them very soon. I have a special prayer request; I have just accepted the position of Worship leader at a new church called Lifetime Ministry here in St. Augustine, Florida where I live. The associate pastor from the church I was a member for, for a little over 6 years has answered the call of God to establish another church and we are in need of a building, ministerial staff, office equipment, etc. The praise and worship team is coming together and we have been blessed by a great friend of mine, who donated all the sound equipment! All we provided were the instruments and vocals! Even the microphones were included! God is good!! It doesn't end there though. Way too many blessings and miracles to mention (already) hallelujah!, but I will keep you posted as to all the divine,supernatural occurrences that will stem from the global prayers of my WTR family. Please pray for every aspect of the ministry, from building and finances to souls and everything in between. We are claiming January 2010 for transition from home services to an actual church/building. Know that I am praying for y'all as well, and if you have any specific prayer requests, please send them my way.

God bless and keep you, Bertie

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