of course God wants to bless His children...

Jan. 18, 2009 Melissa Wilson

John 1:1 “Continue to walk in the light and to speak light.”

Today in Sunday school class, Joe Ray put on the board this saying. “2009 One of the most prosperous years for those led by the spirit. It is a choice, not chance! Choose to be led.” This is what I sensed in my spirit about this quote.

God chooses to bless us and we must choose to see those blessings. It is His delight and pleasure to bless His children. We either choose to focus on the blessings or focus on the negative. Which we focus on will tell us about our mindset and spiritual health. Even in the long run, many things we thought were not a blessing will be revealed to us as blessings through the leading of the Holy Spirit. If we choose to be led by the Holy Spirit, then Holy Spirit will reveal to us God’s awesome choice to bless.

God always chooses to bless His children. The Word says, “which of you as a father would give to your child stone or a snake when asked for bread?” So, it is not a question of whether God chooses to bless His children or not. We know through the Scripture that it is His nature to bless and to love, so we know that all things HE does are blessings.

The discrepancy is not with God’s blessings. It is with our receptors. Our choices allow the blessings He pours out to be received or to be blocked. That, however, doesn’t negate the fact that God blesses, even if it doesn’t feel good. God’s discipline is truly a blessing. His boundaries are blessings designed to keep us in the center of His will. The center of His will is the place we are able to receive His blessings. It is where He reveals His blessings. When we step out of the center of God’s will, even when God chooses to bless us, we aren’t in a mindset or place to discern the blessings. Our heart is not in a place to truly receive God’s blessings when we are walking in not according to His Word, His Will, His ways.

Disobedience, rebellion, bitterness, sin, unforgiveness, anger, and especially pride, are all blockades to accepting God’s blessings. If you are walking in these places, then being blessed depends on us getting right and our actions. When we are in HIS will and walking in forgiveness and love, we know that He blesses us because He loves us, not because of what we do or don’t do.

Don Finto used the umbrella analogy. When we are walking in God’s will, we are under His covering, protection, blessing, etc. When we walk out of that will, then we are exposing ourselves to the works and influences of the enemy. If we are being influenced by the enemy then we will not recognize God’s blessings as blessings, we will only see the negative and therefore, miss out on the blessings and gifts God has for us. If the enemy can keep us from focusing on God’s blessings, then he can also keep us from focusing on God’s victory, which leads to our own victory. Thankfully we can rest assured that the Word states that, “God works together for good all things for those who love Him!” Everything meant for harm will be turned to bring blessing-this can be done when we are in the center of God’s will, positioned to receive.

Sometimes our kids want things. (Ha, with two teenagers, it’s an almost all the time they want things.) As every parent does, I want to bless my daughters and surprise them with little treats now and then, just because. Say for example, I bring my daughter home something just to bless her. If she’s having a good day, no emotional drama, focused on the Lord, etc. she’ll see my heart was to bless her, even if it wasn’t something she’d necessarily been interested in, she’ll look at the love I expressed and be thankful for that. If, however, she’s worked up, self centered, not really focused on the Lord, she may turn up her nose and scorn what I’d brought her in love. Instead of looking at my heart of wanting to bless, she’d look at her own frustration and turn what I’d meant as a blessing into a ‘curse.’ The gift and the giver didn’t change, but the heart of the receiver is what made the difference.

Many times we are like that-especially when our eyes are not truly fixed on Him. We just pass over the little blessings God gives us daily looking for the huge, earth shattering, lottery winning blessings. We may get mad because that’s not what I wanted, or asked for. “Don’t you ever listen to me?!!” We may not look at the heart of the Giver, but at our own disappointment and turn what was intended to bless into something that brings division and broken relationship. If we are truly walking with Him, in the center of His will, then we will know His heart is to always bless us.

Joe also said, “Our speech is an indicator of where our heart is. Especially what we speak when we are under pressure. Our words need to line up with God’s Word. Bite your tongue when it doesn’t line up with God’s word.”

If we are not in the center of God’s will, then we won’t speak forth His truth. If we are not speaking forth His Truth, then we are not in the center of His will.

Proverbs 12:6 “The words of the wicked are like a murderous ambush, but the words of the Godly save lives.”

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