Malachi 1: 6-10

Have any of us looked at our individual and corporate worship lately? Are we saying one thing yet living totally different? When we give our 2nd best yet promote ourselves as worshipers of God are we not just performing and going through the motions? As this happens we become prideful, “look at me” and the mind has you think I am awesome everyone will see have great I am. In that kind of deceiving lifestyle other people get shut out who have a heart of worship and they end up not getting mentored, trained, and raised up but wounded and isolated. Why does this go on? Is it because we have to be in the front and noticed by all which is a works mentality mixed with shallowness? If this is true all we are doing is giving Daddy a bunch of so called worship so we might as well just worship ourselves.

In reality, the life we were created to live we are to minister to others in unity, humility, and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit from our heart and soul and not the head. Our head/brain is to realize along with our hearts the blessings we have been given and refine those gifts to give away and not perform with. This is in regards to not just someone on a worship team but the same holds true to someone in a congregation. When we do not worship as God created us to do all we do is believe that we are to be exalted and seen as a great worshiper. I have to be seen as the one who leads worship for others to follow. This is wrong thinking and not from the heart.

We are to give our best not out of works but love. We are to minister the father’s heart because of the love we receive from Daddy and give him our best with no agenda or self pride. People do not want to follow a performer in Jesus name but enter into His Presence. They want to stay in His Presence every moment of everyday through true worship from the heart.

So what is the state of our worship? Are you in an exclusive performance circle shutting out others for self promotion and think you are a great showman? Is your worship from the heart, the head, or even blurring the two? Are you worshiping from the heart giving Daddy, Jesus your best in humility and laying yourself wide open and vulnerable to t he leading of the Holy Spirit? Is your worship life or is it death? Is your worship true or is it fake? Something we should all step back and ask God to show us the truth.

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Comment by Lyssa Berner on September 11, 2011 at 8:04am

How do you really know if someone is worshiping or "performing"? 


KNOW THEM!  Know their story and their passion, not just their resume. How well do we know our worship leader? What is behind their countenance, their posture, their prayer during worship. Is their love for Christ evident in their handling of situations and others. Loving and worshiping God comes with a spiritual eagerness to lift up others (train up others).  It's the power of the Holy Spirit. It's a spiritual fire that gives us an overwhelming love for people, for preferring others over ourselves, loving the unlovable, and raising people to be ambassadors for Christ. 


I don't entirely blame this exclusivity on the worship leaders. In my experience, Pastors are completely unaware of this cancer in their team. They are oblivious to the spiritual pride of musicians which even existed in the heavens. They usually just hand over the responsibility of worship to the worship leader and often have no clue how the team operates. Some barely know the heart of their own worship leaders. Sad, but true. Great, talented worshipers come and go, unheard by their chief spiritual leader; concealed by his partner the "Worship Leader" himself. This truly is a cancer in modern "church culture" today. Worship is being diluted by feel good "worldly" Christian music, that is entertaining, unoffensive, and unemotional. A great alternative to secular music, but, it's not worship to me. Churches are in bondage to this "Church Culture" and as a result, the power of God is being denied.


I went many years studying the word through a work bible study and never went to church.  I worshiped daily in prayer and obedience, but one day I went to church. I was on my knees balling like a baby. I really experienced the power of worship and what it means to surrendering. I understood why Saul had David play his harp. There is POWER in music and in worship. 

Comment by Paul Kent on September 11, 2011 at 8:57am

Scott, some great self reflective thoughts. Press in to what God is showing you. 


Lisa, what a responsibility we have as musicians! We have a gift that influences peoples emotions. The only way we can truely be authentic with our worship is by being transparent worshippers. Anything less than this is either falling short of our own calling or worse, misleading.


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