Dear family, friends & partners in prayer,

Happy New Years!!!

I pray your New Year has been good so far. I spent the last few days of December and the first week of January sick in bed. Believe me it was no fun to be stuck in bed sick and miss ringing in the New Year.

But! I am really excited to see what the Lord has in store for GentleWind Ministries in 2010. 2009 was a very interesting year of new things and unexpected challenges.

2009 High lights

What a blessing to serve the Lord on the road in 2009. The Lord open doors of ministry events for me in, Tennessee , North Carolina , Florida , Wisconsin , Ohio ,

Illinois, New Jersey , New York , Michigan , Pennsylvania & Indiana .

In 2009, I found my self more in the preacher/speaker/teacher role. A good eighty five percent of my events were speaking/preaching engagements for churches and conferences. I would lead worship and share a few songs here and there.

As for the "teacher" role, I was asked by my good friend Laurie if I would be willing to" fill in" two days for a teacher at Herron High school , a Charter school a block away from my home. At first I thought she was joking since the only "teaching" I have done was at church or for the third graders in Latvia . Plus these were high school students and at age 44, I didn't feel I'd be able to connect with them.

I ended up filling in for ten days and talk about being stretched and challenged. I covered classes for Environmental & Anatomy, as well as US History, English, Geometry , Study hall, Concert Choir, Guitar, Concert Band & lunch monitor. As long as I had a lesson plan in front of me I was Okay .If anything my teaching style that the Lord gave me came in handy. Now it's funny to be out on the street and hear "Hey Mr. DMC" from a student who may see me in public.

New Recording in Production

Another "New Thing" that happen in 2009 was getting back into the recording studio and began working on my first full length studio album in ten years.

"Before Your Throne" features 12 songs of praise, worship and story songs ranging in different musical styles.

Teaming up with Steve Dickerson of Audio Integrity, we began recording the vocals & guitars in July while I was on tour in New Jersey . The second half of the recording is being done in Elwood City , Pennsylvania with David LaDuke of the Upper Room studios who will be adding the other musical arrangements.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the recording and when it's due to be released.

The unforeseen Challenges

2009 also brought unpleasant challenges. In November while on tour in North Carolina , several "set backs" happened.

Out of no were my right arm and fingers begun to twitch and shoot this awful pain. I ended having to go to the doctors only to learn I had "ulnar nerve dysfunction". Thank the Lord it did not affect my guitar playing very much. But it was still painful. Currently my right arm is back to normal. Thank you Lord.

On the day leaving for North Carolina , my van (a 1993 Arostar) radiator over heated needing to be replaced. My van is pretty much on its last leg, if not on its last knee being dragged so I can get to my events.

The most recent thing that has gone out is the heater. Trying to drive in a van that acts more like a freezer is not fun at all. I believe my recent cold was due to my 4 hour drive back home in a blizzard freezing with no heat. One big prayer alert I have is, we need a new van asap!! Or funds to at lest get the heater fixed.

Speaking of funds, financially GentleWind Ministries was hit with a few major blows.

While in North Carolina in November, GentleWind Ministries became a victim of identity theft. This happened while using the ministry debt card at the gas pump in Raleigh . Unknown to me Raleigh had reports of several gas stations being "bugged" so that when you slide the card at the gas pump, a mini chip that was stuck in the slot can read your card and get all the information off your card.

I didn't become aware of this until I went online to update the account and was shocked to see the account was empty! Who ever captured the information went on a joy ride throughout Ohio & Indiana pulling money out of the ministry account.

It was a head ache to file police reports and play telephone tag with the bank, creditors and detectives. By the first week of December, my bank was able to resolve the matter. But it was still a mess trying to work with all the creditors and so forth to get back on track.

If that wasn't bad enough, December which was booked full with dates ended up having four cancellations because of major snow storms.

Two cancellations happened as I was stuck in the middle of a snow storm on 1-75 heading to the southern states. The roads were really bad and people were sliding off the freeway. I left home at 11am with sunshine and blue skies. I ended up returning home at 2am with snow falling all around me. Thank the Lord I made it safely back, but it really hit the ministry hard financially.

If the Lord leads it on your heart and you would like to make a donation to GentleWind Ministries, please visit our "Donation Page" on our web site.(

The Ministry expense link, helps covers operation cost of running the ministry.

The Ministry greatest needs link, applies to the Ministries greatest need (in this case a heater for the van or funds to get a new used van)

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

What's ahead for 2010?

With 2010 being also a new decade, I am really looking forward in seeing what the Lord has for GentleWind Ministries in the coming years.

One big thing that will happen this year is I will be the guest worship leader for Pastor Bill Gallatin of Calvary Chapel of the Fingerlakes in NY and travel with him for the Israel Holy Land tour. What a blessing!! I will be in the Holy Land from March 3rd to the 14th.

Another overseas trip I am praying about is to once again teaming up with Eastern European Mission Network and returning to Latvia . That trip would take place from June 24th to July 5th. I would need to raise about $825.00 plus international airfare. Would you consider making a donation towards my mission trip?

You can go to the "Donation Page" on my web site ( and go to the "Mission Trips" link.

Gifts given will be applied to my Latvia mission trip.

Current dates and current openings for ministry.

Here are my current ministry events and dates I have available.


24) Calvary Chapel on the Horizon, Indianapolis , IN (Am service)

31) Available for ministry in the Midwest region. *


1st to the 16th Available for ministry in the Midwest region. *

17 to the 28th Available for Western Pennsylvania & Upstate New York area. *


3rd to the 14th Israel Holy Land Tour with Pastor Bill Gallatin.

16) Glenvale Church of God, Marysville , PA (Pm concert-TBA)

18-19) Calvary Chapel of Fayetteville , NC

22nd to the 31st Available for NC, SC, GA & TN area.*


7th to the 30th Available for IN, IL, OH, MI, WI, MN, SD, NE area. *


24th -30th Mission trip to Latvia with Eastern European Mission Network.


1-5th Mission trip to Latvia with Eastern European Mission Network.


8) Prince of Peace Lutheran Church , Oregon , OH (Am service)

* I offer my ministry on a love offering bases.

Stay in Touch

You can also stay in touch with me through:

Facebook (type in David Michael Carrillo)

Twitter (search for gentlewindmusic)

Or write me at

GentleWind Ministries International

PO Box 44601

Indianapolis, IN 46244

Don't forget to check out

My Photo Gallery (High lights from December)

My Video Blog (See a video of me freezing out side of our first major snow fall)

Again I want to wish each and every one of you a great 2010. Thank you so much to all those who have written, emailed or phone me through out 2009. You were all a great encouragement.

Moya the cat says "hello". I know she is glad I am home for a bit.


dmc & Moya the Cat

David Michael Carrillo (dmc)
GentleWind Ministries International
PO Box 44601
Indianapolis, IN 46244
317-513-7677 (Cell)
317-767-4215 (VM)

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