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The Song of the Month for June is called "Jesus, Name Above The Heavens" written by Josh Rodgers and David Baroni. I am excited about this
anthem that exalts the Name above all Names! This is the first song
written and recorded by me and Josh, a gifted musician, worship leader
and drummer from Texas. You can download the free mp3 and the songsheet

Also, you can order David's first Audiobook "The Jazz Preacher" right
therefrom the website or from Itunes. Look around our site, take advantage of our resources and free
downloads. There are also links to a new video to David's song "The
and a powerful message called "The Creative Power of Praise"
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One more thing: My friend Wayne Tate has just released a new CD "Praise
Is" that is a wonderful project. It is available for digital download at

"Jesus, Name Above The Heavens"

No one greater have I ever known
A sweeter whisper I have never heard
In my heart I see Your mystery
Like gravity it’s drawing me
How can I accept this love You’ve shown
When I know it’s undeserved
Yet You turned a slave into a son
With the power of one word

Jesus, name above the heavens
Authority was given to You and You alone
Jesus, Lord of our salvation
The power of Your kingdom is flowing from Your throne
Through the Name
Through the Name
Through the Name of Jesus

You will reign for all eternity
All will know that You are King
And forever as Your praise resounds
There’s only one Name we’ll sing

In Your name, we are gathered
In Your name the kingdom comes
In Your name there’s all power
In Your name, The Father’s will is done

At Your name, darkness trembles
At Your name, kings bow down
In Your name, we come before You
On our knees we cast our crowns

In Your name, Your church will rise up
In Your name, we overcome
In Your name, Your love is poured out
In Your Name, In Your name

David Baroni/ Josh Rodgers/ Kingdomsongs Inc./

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