*Based on the 2010 promo theme "Where is Your Focus?"*

Where is your focus? For a while, mine was on "being cool at school." I somehow believed that I could be part of this world, and yet an Apostolic who supposedly knew the whole truth. Statements such as "It's against my religion" or "my parents won't let me" soon brought dullness instead of coolness. I was ready for real answers; to find real truth.
That's when UPCI Bible Quizzing was introduced to me at the age of twelve. I soon found myself diving into his word instead of the words of others. Now when someone comes to me seeking truth, I'm able to point them to the exact verse and say "This is what you're looking for." It's not just one walk down the isle, or one proclamation of faith; but it's the truth of One God and His word.
Bible Quizzing opened a door for God to give me a revelation, and the ability to share it with others. I don't have to worry about leading a lost soul in the wrong direction. And it's all because of one reason: His word became my focus...

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