Ministry Moments...when God speaks to hearts

This incredible photo was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2006. Like a cosmic chandelier, the dazzling lights of the star cluster Pismis 24 hang over the dusty clouds of NGC 6357, a nebula about 8,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius.

The Almighty God, The Maker of Heaven and Earth,

The First and the Last, The King of all ages,

The Savior of Mankind,

who has chosen to demonstrate His love and mercy by the giving of Himself,

The One True God, who has chosen to be with us and within us

The merciful Father and God of all comfort

Invites you…. Yes, you!…

To know Him,

to walk in relationship with Him,

to experience the reality of Faith in Him,

to join Him in the work of His Kingdom,

to catch glimpses of His glory,

and to worship Him in the beauty of His Holiness

here and now in your earthly life

and for all of eternity.



And in this lifetime, He promises abundance. In His covenant with us, He promises to adopt us as His Sons and Daughters of Redemption. He blesses our lives with the nearness of His presence and the gifts of His spirit.  Our abundance lies in love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness, goodness, and self-control…the fruits of His Spirit at work in our lives. This is evidence of His tender care for those He calls His own.

He reveals His handiwork and His presence in our lives through moments of recognition that come from somewhere deep inside the redeemed and ransomed heart.  These are ministry moments…moments when something real and beautiful is taking place in the hearts and lives of people.  True ministry moments are something that only God can do.   Ministry moments can flow from God’s spirit within any experience.


*  There are moments of openness to God’s spirit and the the message of redemption and grace when life can begin anew.

*  There are sometimes moments when there is no sound.  There is only a  holy hush, and nothing else seems appropriate.

*  There are times of jubilant joyfulness when the heart says “Thank you, Lord!”

*  There are moments of revelation when a new understanding of truth has been gained.

*  There are moments of praise when the truth of God’s majesty and the presence of God’s glory are so apparent and transcendant that it is as though we are transported right to the gates of Heaven.

*  There are moments of oneness with the Spirit of God that communicate His love for us far beyond what mere words could convey.


And yet, it is not these moments we seek.  Our relationship with Him and our desire to worship and praise Him are not longings for an experience or a moment.  We are longing for Him.  It is only in relationship with Him that God allows us to experience times when His spirit is at work in our hearts and lives in ways that we recognize and yet would have difficulty putting into words.  These moments when the Spirit of God is so clearly ministering to His people are reminders that ministry is never ours.  True ministry can only take place when God is allowed to do His work in our hearts and lives to the extent that we become vessels of His grace, poured out through the ministry of His Holy Spirit.  Whether He chooses to do this in times of silence and waiting upon Him, or within a time of prayer, within a personal or corporate worship time, or as we gaze upon the splendor of His creation, at times when our hearts overflow with thankfulness, or through the message of a song, and even in the depths of a valley of sorrow,  God will speak and is speaking.  We just need to be ready to listen.  Only then can we experience moments of true ministry that are not the result of our plans, our talents or our creativity.  Oh, no, these moments of true ministry flow only from His Spirit.  He can take the offerings of our worship and our praise, our preparation, our heartfelt longing to praise Him, recognition of our need for him, and even our brokenness, and He can indwell the praises of His people.  This kind of ministry is all His, and allowing it is our highest goal.



This post was written by C. Boyd


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