Coming into this new year, and really for the end of '09, my desire for the worship ministry in my church has been to do more with what we have.

The majority of my worship leading experience has been with full bands. Bass, drums, lead player and maybe another instrument thrown in for good measure. It has been quite a learning curve for me, to find ways to play dynamically with our current band set-up.

We have two small worship teams currently, in our 2 year old church. Team 1 has me leading on keys, an acoustic player, a bass player, and an extra singer or two. (We are heavy on singers, and light on instrumentalists... another post on that later!). Team 2 has a leader on acoustic, keys, a djembe, and an extra singer.

When I hear a great new worship song, it can be very easy to think "we can't do that song, we don't have drums," or "we don't have electric guitar." But I am now trying to take a song I like, the latest example being "Lord of Lords" by Brook Fraser, and sitting down with at the piano, and seeing how dynamically I can play it with just the keys... how I can build it, etc.

I usually double with synth on my keyboard to fill out the sound, which has worked really well for us. Now I am experimenting with bringing the synth in and out to create layering, making sure the vocalists are not always singing all the time, etc.

"Lord of Lords" ended up working really well with our set-up, and we have had a lot of great comments since we started putting some focus on doing more with what we have.

How do you make the most of what you have? Especially in small churches?

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