Is your worship worth it, if it doesn’t mean anything to you then it will not mean anything to God? Is it worth it…

Worship in the Old Testament was confined to the tabernacle and also to the temple of Solomon. When you look at the bible from Adam until Moses you will see that they were worshippers even without the tabernacle. The principle of first mention of the word worship in the bile is based in Genesis 5:22 where Abraham spoke of sacrifice and obedience as worship.

‘”And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you”, Genesis 22:5

Abraham, Cain, Abel, Noah, Job, Isaac and all the other patriarchs in Genesis offered sacrifices when there was no temple or tabernacle. They would construct an altar which was made of 12 rough and uncut stones which represented the 12 tribes of Israel and sacrifice on top of the altar

It was not found in the quantity of the sacrifice but in the gratitude and worship that flowed from the offerer of the sacrifice. Sacrificing was their expression of worship it was usually called for by the Lord or they would offer it by choice, for Abraham and Isaac they would offer sacrifices on the places that God met them but then certain times they would be required to offer sacrifices for example Abraham and his son Isaac in Genesis 5 or Noah when came out of the Ark they were required to offer up sacrifices.

When Moses erected the tabernacle, sacrifices became standardized and there was a certain way you had to offer with specific items for a certain result. From the erection of the tabernacle the every sacrifice was done for a specific reason, either called forth by the Lord or a free will gratitude sacrifice.

Some of the sacrifices that where instituted when the tabernacle was erected

1. Burnt offering
2. Sin offering,
3. Guilt offering or trespass offering
4. Peace offering
5. Meal offering, meat offering
6. Wave offering
7. Heave offering
8. Oblation or offering
9. Fire offering
10. Drink offering or libation
11. Whole burnt offering

Sacrifice is thus a complex and comprehensive term. In its simplest form it may be defined as “a gift to God”. Whether it be for an atonement of a sin, free will offering, offering thanksgiving or whatever it is, sacrifices where meant to bless God and bring God closer to man.

There were so many sacrifices that were offered just as it is there are many types, means and ways to worship God. Don’t break down someone else and the way they worship God. If you are used and accustomed to guilt worship don’t break down people who are use to offer free will offering. Are you even sure that the way that you are worshipping him bless Him before we judge others. We are so busy judging each other than scrutinizing the worship we offer to God. Is your worship worth it, if it doesn’t mean anything to you then it means nothing to God

It not which type of sacrifice is best, its which type of sacrifice honours God, does it connect with Heaven and is it required of the Lord.

So many times God comes into a place or a meeting of worship and reveals himself as a redeeming God and we inturn respond by singing war songs. Or God reveals himself as a Love and we respond to him with High praise. Has it been required of the Lord and even if it’s not required by God, is it consistent with how He is revealing himself as at that time.

Every sacrifice was consistent with what God revealed himself as to the person and according to the ability of that specific person. Are we offering our worship that is consistent to who He is. Nadab and Abihu consumed by fire when they offered the wrong sacrifice before God. Be aware of the worship that you offer, be cognizant of the role that you have, be aware of the place where you are standing. Worship is in different ways but at the end of the day does it bless God.

If you do not know, ask God, ask the Holy Spirit let him teach you how to worship. Let him open the eyes of your understanding that you may know God and have your own revelation of worship and its power and importance in our lives. Inquire of the Lord and “worship the Lord with understanding”, Psalms 47:7.

Question: What else makes our sacrifice more worthwhile before God.

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