Introducing Traditional Hymns for Contemporary Worship

I am Tim with Honoring God Music. I have been in church music ministry for about 27 years.  20 years of that time I served in traditional music churches and we sang primarily hymns.  But I love the contemporary worship music and tried to incorporate it when I could.  Over this time I saw a need for arrangements of hymns that can be used with contemporary worship.  Since need is the mother of invention I decided to do something about it.


I producing a series of hymn arrangements that I call Traditional Hymns for Contemporary Worship. My goal is to produce arrangements that can be easily incorporated into a contemporary worship set and with a great deal of flexibility. 

These arrangements have the following features:


  • Lead sheet design with lyrics, melody, and chords.
  • Two harmony parts to go with melody on a separate staff so the melody is not confused.
  • An obligato melody, on it's own staff,  that can be played by different instruments as intro, interlude, descant along with worship team while singing one of the verses, etc. (transposed sheets allow for all possible instruments to play this).
  • Every effort made to keep all of the above on one sheet when possible to minimize copying and more for the director to keep up with. 
  • Transposed sheets (including all features mentioned earlier) for Bb, Eb, and F instruments and both treble and bass clef sheets for C and Bb instruments.
  • Guitar friendly transposed sheets for use with capo when hymn is in a key that is not good for guitars.


My idea is for you to be able to give a musician (for example a horn player) one sheet that would have everything they need to play the melody, one of two harmonies, or an obligato melody in their own key without having to transpose in their head.  They could also improvise using the chords on the lead sheet since they are transposed to their key if they have the knowledge of music theory to do it.


More of my vision is for flexibility, you could have a worship team with any instrumentation (even an orchestra) use these sheets and the director simply tells which instruments play melody, harmony 1, harmony 2, or obligato for verse 1 and then who plays what for verse two, etc.  So, with a few simple directions and each instrument having the sheet for their key you would be able to play this hymn with full orchestra or whatever instrumentation you have in any number of ways for unlimited variety in arrangements..  


On my website I am selling one of these hymn arrangements for $4.00.  This includes a PDF file with all transpositions and permission to copy for worship team use.


Special deal if your buy a set of 10 hymns in this series you pay only $25.00 and you are still eligible for the everyday discount of 25% off when you buy 2 or more items  (the set of 10 hymns counts as 1 item).


I have attached a page for Christ the Lord is Risen Today (Bb instruments).  I have also included a computer generated audio file of how it all sounds together--melody, two harmony parts, obligato melody, and a guitar strumming.  :-)


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