It isn't always the words, the melody or even the feelings of a song that inspire me. It is more of the connectedness of what we're doing together as a body.

I love to visit new churches, watch them on TV or even find videos on the internet because when the worship is genuine my soul resonates with what I experience.

The essence of what takes place in true worship is so outside of me... although God's Spirit within me could technically negate that sentiment, what I mean is that worshiping in spirit and in truth takes the experience out of the ordinary human experience and places it where we can't fully comprehend the weight of what we're doing.

I go to God's Word to be transformed... I go to worship to experience the power of that transformation.

I can't explain that power and it is never about just me. It happens to us... to the church.

The next time you raise Holy Hands to Honor God... think of the millions that are living today and down through history that are doing the same thing... and resonate with that thought.

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Comment by Lorraine Doswell on July 22, 2010 at 7:18am
I am just about to set off for work this morning - thank you for leaving me with such a beautiful thought. My soul too resonates..........yep, it's difficult to explain, but I understand : ) All praise and glory be to Him today and always.


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