... on my own I get burned out.

Lurking In The Shadows

Since 2004 I've been leading worship at a local church plant.

Sandwiched in between national forest and hundreds of square miles of housing developments we still haven't found a building to rent so we're still without a permanent home.

What does that mean? Let me explain.

On a typical Sunday morning I'm awake at 6:30 and by 8am I'm at the local firehouse setting up the sound system for church. At about 9:15 I'm done and ready to practice. We finish practice at 10 so that others can use the same room for Bible study. Worship starts at 11 and I'm usually done tearing down the sound system by 1pm.

Try to imagine how many times the enemy has whispered lies to me like, "No body cares about what you're doing" or "They can't appreciate how much you do for them" or the big one "Does any of this matter?"

Only One Voice Matters

... and it's the one that asks me, "Are you doing this in your own power or is the intense love in your heart compelling you toward obedience?"

I've watched people burn out and fall away... many of them. I watch my pastor like he's walking on a precipice because if these barbs are thrown at me when I'm tired... what must he hear.

I love the book of Job. It pains me to read it because right after the opening and right before the end is where life is lived; by faith.

Whenever I fall it's because I set aside faith to entertain a lie.

Whenever I get back in The Way of Grace it's because I hear again the only voice that matters; the one that never lies.

I Have It Great

I don't need to study John Foxe's 'Book of Martyrs' or read historic accounts of the persecution believers suffer for the faith... real physical torturous suffering and persecution still exists.

It is a joy and a privilege to have a place to set up church and a congregation to lead in joyful worship to The Lord. Knowing what others endure in an attempt to do the same is enough cause for thanksgiving.

Pride is the only real enemy I face because within this culture that is shielded from most of the horrors that our brothers and sisters face, a sense of entitlement is the only thing that can tempt me from embracing the humble service I'm able to render.

As long as my replies all begin with, 'It is written...' and end with one of the many promises of God... I will continue to do all that I do and more because, "In Christ I Can Do All Things!"

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