Hello fellow worship leaders, I know nobody here really knows me and probably didn't notice I was gone for 2 weeks..but here is why.

On January 6th, a group of 53 of us went down to Haiti on our yearly trip to help out the Mission of Hope (www.missionofhopehaiti.org). Our plans were to continue our water project there, which we did end up getting done phase 2 of it which was all we planned to do this year, but God had some other projects in line for us.

We could never have expected to experience what we did in this last week alone. When the earthquake hit, we had no idea the damage because we were on a hill and didn't get hit that hard. In fact, there was only a few buildings on the whole property that had minor cracks, and there are a lot of buildings..God has his hand on the MOH through this whole thing and it was devastating to see the damage done elsewhere.

The night of the earthquake, the Clinic of Hope had count less people through the doors, most with serious injuries that a clinic should not be handling. Thankfully God placed us in Haiti at the right time. With the additional doctor and many nurses and general helpers, the clinic was able to do something amazing for the 11,000 people that the MOH serves in the 2 surrounding villages.

I personally didn't help in the clinic because there was too many people in there already, but I was told a lot of stories, and got to go help out the next day, and it is a rough place. This is the worst natural disaster Haiti has ever seen, and it is going to take a lot to rebuild this nation. But among the rebuilding and giving medical care, the main goal of the MOH is to share the message of Gods love to every man, women, and child in Haiti, and they were able to do that on this night for sure.

Currently the clinic is still going, there have been a few medical teams coming down from the states to help out, but the amount of people we served and the amount of supplies we used was more then what the MOH could afford. Usually the Clinic of Hope charges a small fee to come to the clinic ( this is set in place to stop people from coming for free care just to sell the drugs ect. on the streets, but is significantly cheaper then any other clinic/hospital in Haiti) but obviously they did not charge a fee in such a crisis.

I am not a spokes person or anything for the MOH, but I am a believer in helping the poor, and spreading the love of Christ to this nation of Haiti, and what better time to shine a light then in the darkest hour Haiti has seen in a long time. If you are able to give financially ( which is the biggest need at the MOH for fuel to distribute the 1.5 million meals they have in their warehouse, as well as to give medical attention to people that can't come to the clinic due to distance) then please do so by visiting the Mission of Hope website at www.missionofhopehaiti.org and donating today. I can testify that every dollar sent to the MOH will be used to serve the people of Hati and to further Gods kingdom, and let me tell you guys, MOH is changing lives through the power of Christ.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and don't forget, Pray for the nation of Haiti. Pray that God will use the many missionaries that are there right now to further his kingdom. Also as us being a group of worship leaders and musicians, please pray for the worship leader at the Church of Hope. His name is Claudell Senat and he lost his home, and his brother Ruben had a 2 story school collapse on him, he came out with barely a scratch. It is amazing how God works.

Tim Holley

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