I heard a funny little story from my brother who is a also a worship pastor this week.  That one of his friends was always getting "HATE MAIL" .  I just laughed because as worship leaders we know that this is so true... How many of you get hate mail?  What are some of the comments that you get? 

Now, we know that some churches take it all to a new level. 

Lets take a look for a moment.

Ownership vs. Possession or possessiveness. 

Ownership in my way of thinking in the area worship is taking responsibility for yourself and what you have been asked to do.  Learning what your position is growing in that area of expertise on the team and serving whole heartily. Raising up others to do the same and multiplying and duplicating your position to honor God first and elevate the team to success and embracing leadership.

Possession is doing the polar opposite. 

Elevation of self, no duplication, self-serving, me first attitude. That pretty much sums it up!

I would like to hear your comments... of you HATE Mail I think I need a box at my church...


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