Read 1 Kings 14:1 through 16:34

Lisa fumed. Again, her boss had assigned her to a major project, then turned in the final report as if it was his own. “I worked hard on that assignment. How will I ever advance if he takes credit for my efforts?” she complained to her husband.

Glenn took her hand and reminded her, “God knows your heart and your dedication to doing a good job. He will honor that. Keep focused on Him instead of what your boss does.”

Fraud exists in all walks of life, but when someone’s dishonesty affects us directly, it is discouraging. Circumstances may not allow us to bring that person to justice.

Remember, nothing in this world happens without God’s knowledge. Israel’s King Jeroboam was more evil than anyone who lived before him, and he caused all of Israel to do evil. Even so, the Lord knew the king’s son was the only person in the household who had anything good in him (1 Kings 14:13).

God is active on behalf of His children. Though people seem to get away with wrongdoing, His record-keeping is precise and His justice is perfect. We may not escape the effects of corruption around us, but we can live for God in the midst of it.

Challenge for Today: Do everything as a service to the Lord.

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Comment by Worship The Rock on April 28, 2009 at 11:43am
Thanks for sharing these encouraging thoughts Daniel!
Comment by Daniel on April 30, 2009 at 4:41am
Thnks alot

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