The eyes of the Lord are in every place, Watching the evil and the good. (Prov. 15:3)

There are so many things, too numerous to count, that we can praise God for.  Before I start naming things, right now just look up toward Heaven and tell God "thank you" for allowing you to even tilt your head in an upward direction - there are some lying in hospital beds right now who wish they could do that.  And before you complain about anything thank God that he has given you a voice to even speak.  That's how faithful God is.  When the Lord called my sister Debra home on April 23 my heart broke.  It was only God who gave me a voice and a mind to say "Thank you."  Now her cancer was gone, no need for medicine, no more pain, no more surgeries, no more doctor visits.  She was free.   But before she left this world she taught us all something about thanksgiving and hope.  Debra knew how sick she was but she spent her last days on  earth giving God praise.  She praised Him for every day He allowed her to open her eyes.  She didn't take her life for granted; she used the breath God gave her to be thankful.  Every time I think I want to complain I think about her, and I catch myself.  She knew her life was in God's hands and she spent her final days thanking Him.  She had a praise like David had - she didn't care who saw or heard her giving God praise!  She knew God was with her.  I hope we will all follow her example today, and every day.  Give God praise even if things are not the way you want them to be.  Stay in the plan of God until He reveals Himself to you.  And after that, continue going with Him.   Everywhere we are He is.  Everywhere we're headed, He is already there. 

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