Hi everyone!! Greetings in the name of Jesus-I hope this post finds you all preparing your hearts for the celebration of the birth of Christ. What a wonderful time of the year, a time to reflect upon and rejoice in the birth of our Savior. I have gotten many comments and questions about my ability to play bass guitar though I am deaf. To answer the question of how this is possible and whether I am truly considered "deaf" I can tell you this....without my hearing aides I hear very little. If a jet plane were next to me and I didn't have my hearing aides in I would be able to hear it, but not much of anything quieter than that. With my hearing aides, however I do allright. Having parents who are musicians and a mom who is an audiologist (she does ears lol) helps and is most definitely the hand of God working in my life. I have been able to get digital hearing aides which has finally allowed me to actually hear the bottom two strings of my bass. For a looong time I was unable to hear the E or A string and relied on intellectual understanding of what things are supposed to sound like. Again with parents who are musicians, I learned a lot from them. A member of the site asked me if I play by feeling the sound waves vibrating through the bass or the amp. Partly I do, but again with technology things have been made much easier. I responded to this member that when playing my upright bass (which I don't do as much these days...) I LOVED the feel of the bass and I did do a lot of my "hearing" through feel. I hope this answers questions some of you may have had. I believe that God had it in mind for me to play bass when He created me, hearing impairment and all, just as He created each of you to sing or play the instruments you have been called to play. He is awesome and I love learning more about Him each and every day.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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