Flowing with the Holy Spirit in Worship

Worship leading is a huge and amazing responsibility in life and I pray that we do it with all our heart, mind and life. Our mandate as worship leaders is to carry people to the throne, bringing people to that place where they meet with God face to face.

Every person has a certain way that there live their life, that’s kinda the idea of what flow is all about. Every person has a way they lead no matter how many people in a worship team or choir we all can’t do what our neighbor can do. So as a worshipper you have a certain flow, a certain way that you consciously or subconsciously worship in.

Flow is also the way we move from one song to the next, how you move people from praise into worship, how you lead people from prayer to song. All those traits are part of flow.

The first thing I was taught when I became a part of the choir was “you cannot lead people to a place that you have never been”. Driving people into an area you have never been yourself is difficult, if we can learn to follow the flow of the Holy Spirit then I do believe that our worship will bless he Lord.

Whether you are a quiet member in the choir, worship team, dancing team, band, may we learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit. It’s easy to lead, dance, play or paint in in our own style. I believe the best is when we yield all our expertise, talents skill and gifting and make way for the flow of the Holy Spirit at the same time learning how it’s done.

Life in the spirit is a different world than the world we live in and the one person who know the spirit world more than anyone is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also has a certain way he flows and as worship leaders we need to know how he moves and how he flows.

Understanding how the Holy Spirit moves you need to spend time with Him, quiet time, in your own worship zone and as a worshipper you need to spend time where you just worship and worship and it’s in that place that you will learn how he moves. Every person to be good at their trade have to take time investing in that skill, gift, talent same with learning from the Holy Spirit.

May the Holy Spirit help us to lead people into his presence so that people bask in His glory and not in our abilities. May we take time to learn from Him and become seamless with the Holy Spirit in our leading that at the end of the day we our mandate is achieved.

I refuse that Holy Spirit touches everyone else and leaving us dry and hungry

Leading People in the Beauty of His Holiness

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